Thursday, October 15, 2009

Download AVG Free 9

AVG Free 9 features

HEre is what AVG 9 brings:

  • Antivirus engine
  • Antimalware engine
  • LinkScanner to provide security for Web browsing.
  • Email scanning.


LinKScanner performs a couple of functions which include:

  • Ranks search results
  • Provides protection from third-party code exploits.

However there is a bad side to LinkScanner. It decides which page to set as home page and which search engine to use as the default one.

AVG scheduler possesses robust qualities and allows you to schedule scans and update with various options.

AVG 9 interface could have been improved

When you look at AVG 9 for the first time, you would think as if you are using AVG 8 the reason being, that AVG decided that the interface was all fine and did not need to be revamped. However AVGmight have considered providing an interface that reduces the number of clicks required to access various features that AVGprovides.


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