Sunday, August 16, 2009

iHome Will Rock Your World

the iHome iP1 quickly reveals what it is made of. Contrary to most dock speakers that all you can see are the outer front of the speakers, the dock, and the full frame all covered up body, you see back to back with this thing. It’s body that hold the speakers is made up of glass that would suit contemporary designed homes or would sit nice above the piano. Performance wouldn’t also be a let down since this speaker isn’t just all looks thanks to the Bongiovi Acoustics Digital Power Station technology. It has two 4″ honeycomb woofers and two 1″ silk dome tweeters that would deliver exceptional sound quality defined as increased clarity, restored harmonics, and deep bass. This “Works for iPhone” and “Made for iPod” certified speakers would be a perfect addition to your iPod but would still work for other MP3 players or can be connected to other devices such as a DVD player through the line in jack.

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