Sunday, August 7, 2011

Keep mobile running by pedal power

pedal cycle charger
It seems such an obvious idea that it seems surprising no one has come up with this until now.Nokia has launched a mobile phone charger that works using pedal power.

The bicycle charger kit comprises a phone charger and dynamo which is installed next to a bike`s front wheel.The rotation of the tyre drives the dynamo which feeds power through the charger into the phone through a standard 2mm Nokia charging jack. There`s also a holder that allows the mobile to be secured to the handlebars while charging ,so the user can check the phone`s battery status while riding.According to the company,users will get free and efficient power from cycling as the dynamo starts charging when a bicycle speed of 6kph is reached and stops at 50kph. Nokia says that the efficiency of normal charger is matched when the bike is traveling at 12 kph.Pedal cycle charger can be fitted onto any nokia handset with a 2mm charger jack,such as the E72 or X6.The charger is an eco friendly solution and is initially aimed at growing number of people in the UK, for instance who cycle for leisure,exercise or as a daily means of transport.However the charger should also find a home in many markets around the world where the bicycle is the only means of transport for millions of people.Nokia says that its kit has been designed to resist humidity and dust by having double insulation.There`s also a bag included which the phone can be housed in to protect it from dust and humidity whilst mounted on the handlebars. Charging technology in mobiles also lead apple to focus on iPhone 6 Wireless Charger , Lets see how far will it go in charging technologies.

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