Friday, August 14, 2009

Will Apple tablet on 7th September?

The much–rumored September Apple event is edging closer to reality. Multiple music industry sources confirmed that Apple executives have told them that, Apple is planning keynote event for the week of September 7. As music is being integral to the iPod, it appears at least some of the major labels will be taking a bow in Cupertino. But truly speaking it is still unknown that what will be shown in this event.

Two years ago, Apple introduced the iPod touch, which has since become a key part of the company’s arsenal. Last year, the event featured less substantial changes, like an overhaul of the iPod Nano.

If Apple has tipped off music industry executives, this event will incorporate music in some way. Also it will show off the new “Cocktail” format that Apple has been working on, which bundles full-length albums with other goodies like album covers and interactive bells and whistles.

The other big appearance the Apple faithful will be looking for will be Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who hasn’t made an official public appearance since a keynote presentation last October.

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