Friday, September 25, 2009

Irex DR 800SG e-reader


Irex Technologies aim to introduce the world of reading to even more people with the introduction of their new Irex DR 800SG e-book reader that offers a multi-mode 3G wireless connection to keep you hooked up to its store just about round the clock, allowing you to download tomes of your choice wherever you are and whenever you like. This sleek looking device comes with a 8.1″ touchscreen display to help you get started, and you are able to purchase a range of reading materials including books, newspapers or magazines from a wide variety of sources. Apart from that, Irex has made sure that their DR 800SG will support a wide range of formats including the industry standard ePub format alongside multiple DRM solutions compared to being restricted to a single, “closed” proprietary format that locks content to a specific device.

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