Monday, May 20, 2013

Heating and Cooling Toronto Technology Advancement

The Heating and cooling appliances used in Toronto home are High Efficiency Furnaces, Boiler, Heat Pumps and Central Air Conditioners, These appliances are operated with Thermostat. The technology advancement in heating and cooling thermostat is very rapid with in recent few years. However today’s Modern thermostat gives  you the liberty to operate your heating and cooling appliances remotely  with the use of high tech features like, cloud technology which enables your thermostat to operate from your smart phone, laptop, PC or tablet. This feature has reduce energy consumption up to 56%, when you are in office or away from home simply put on your heating and cooling appliances to energy saving mode. 

Beside cloud technology these high tech thermostat also improve the performance of HVAC appliances. The other intrusting feature is known as programmable feature in this feature you can set up your thermostat on automatic weekly or daily program up to your choice of temperature and energy saving. These thermostat also give you alert if something goes wrong with your furnace or central air conditioner also it give you reminder when your HVAC appliance is due for maintenance. Recently Dave Lennox has introduce I Comfort Wi-Fi touch screen thermostat, which gives huge amount of energy saving in monthly utility bills with ease of operating the various type o f HVAC appliance used in Toronto homes. For more info about latest Thermostat available in the heating and cooling Toronto market please visit Clean Air Heat.

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