Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ufone Phonebook saver

Why is this service useful for you.

Following are the two possible scenarios which highlights the advantage of this cool backup + restore service:

  • Suppose (Allah forbids) you lose your mobile phone, you would have only lost your mobile phone. Your contacts, SMS will still be intact and stored thanks to Phonebook Saver.
  • You change your mobile set, now you want all your contacts on the new phone, you can do it within minutes thanks to Ufone Phonebook saver service.


Ufone Phonebook saver supported versions

Ufone Phonebook is available in more than one version and is available to use via GPRS, SMS or Web.

Ufone Phonebook Saver Web version

  • Using the web interface, you can access your stored contacts, SMS and important Calendar events in a secured environment
  • To register just send SUB to 400
  • If you are registered send pass to 400 to get your password.

Access Ufone Phonebook Saver Web version here

Ufone Phonebook Saver GPRS version

To use the GPRS version, you need to ensure that the following pre-requisites are met:

  • Sync enabled handset
  • GPRS compatible handset
  • Subscription to Ufone GPRS service
  • GPRS settings for handset

Working of Ufone Phonebook Saver GPRS version

  • To subscribe to Phonebook Saver, write an SMS, Sub and send it to 400. Example: Sub 6230 or Sub K750i or Sub L6 etc.
  • You will receive an SMS inquiring about your connection type. Reply with 1 (for pre paid) or 2 (for post paid).
  • If your mobile phone supports automatic installation, service settings will be sent to your phone directly. Save these settings to start using this service. If asked for a PIN, enter 1234.
  • If your mobile phone does not support automatic installation, you will receive service settings in an SMS. You will have to manually configure these settings on your phone.
  • A new profile ‘PB Saver’ will be created in the Sync menu on your phone.
  • Click on ‘PB Saver’ and Synchronize to store all your contacts in your personal Phonebook Saver account.
  • You will receive a summary of contacts stored in yourPhonebook Saver account through an SMS.

Ufone Phonebook Saver SMS version

To use this version of Ufone Phonebook saver, all you need is a phone that enables SMS communication.

Working of Ufone Phonebook Saver SMS version

  • Write SUB in an SMS and send to 400.
  • You will receive a confirmation message of your subscription.
  • You will also receive a help message to assist you in using this service:
    • Ad To add a contact to Phonebook Saver
    • Get To retrieve a single saved contact
    • Get All To retrieve all saved contacts
    • Del To delete a single saved contact
  • Alternatively, you can also add contacts to your Phonebook Saver account by sending a contact in the form of a business card to 400.

Ufone Phonebook Saver Charges

  • Ufone will charge you Rs.20+tax as a monthly subscription fee.
  • For each SMS you send to 400, you will be charged Rs 0.50+tax

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