Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Real Drums 4 goes live : Play real Drums on iPhone

Real Drums 4.0
Beat your ears with real drums 4.0, recently goes live by iPhoneXCode for iPhone and iPod Touch. Now you can play real drums on your iPhone and iPod Touch. Easy to use sound kits and instrument from application menu. Equipped with 6 types of drums including bongos. Imagine you play real kitchen pots and pans drums, Isn`t interesting? Surely it is :) Download Link and Specification after the break:

Real Drums 4.0 Application specifications:
  • 6 Types of Drums (more will be features in upcoming versions)
  • Bongo
  • Special Kitchen Drums made with kitchen pots and pans.

Click Real Drums 4.0 and download application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

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