Sunday, August 7, 2011

More then 25 percent of iphones break in just 2 years

apple iphone glass break
More then one in four Apple iPhones break or fail within two years.
A company that provides after-sale warranties said recently.Square trade which sells extended warranties for the iPhone said that 26% of Apple`s smartphone suffer a breakdown or simply breakage within the first 2 years,but that`s an improvement over the iPhone`s past reliability rating.Examined more then 25,000 customers by square trade, iPhone 3gs is more reliable and apparently sturdier too, then its predecessors,iphone 3g that first went on sale in July 2008 and the original model, which debuted in 2007. Apple have to focus on glass breaking problems in iPhone 5 Design

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  1. Yes it is true I have 2 apple Mobile Phones 1 is iphone 3G and 2 one is iphone 4s

    I can't understand this problem we paid more than 299 dollar for each mobile they have give one year warranty it is just suck. This is biggest issue of new iPhone selling because old iphone is really cracked