Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What businesses benefit from iPhone app development?

iPhone application development can be beneficial for just about any business to increase brand sentiment. Not only does iPhone app development help you engage with the latest technology, all iPhone apps are custom developed keeping in mind the businesses’ needs.
Following are a few industries that are already reaping the benefits of having an iPhone application developed for a number of businesses.
Rent-A-Car companies:
Customers are able to book cars online using their iPhone apps which will help increase direct contact with customers while at the same time bringing satisfaction and loyalty. Push notifications help the users to get latest news and offers without them having to go online and look for updates. These notifications also help companies to inform users about offers and promotions being run at the business while still maintaining their cost effectiveness. Since iPhone applications are synced using a data server, any changes made on the servers, will be reflected in real time to all iPhone apps throughout the network therefore if a route is changed or there are changes in tariff, these can be updated automatically and a push notifications can be issued immediately.
Estate Agencies: One of the most important factors is to schedule an appointment with the estate agent; this problem is solved with users being able to book an appointment with the agent using the app on their iPhone. While social network integration can help users get firsthand knowledge about estate and properties they are interested in via social sharing of their “interests” allowing friends and family to pitch their concerns, ideas etc. Users can share estate information with redirecting links while also being able to share photos, or videos as available on the applications.
Hotels and Dine-ins:
Application users are able to book a table for themselves using their smart phones on which they can see a menu for the day, week or even month. Users can stay connected with the events that are about to happen at the hotel or restaurant. Business owners are able to upload full featured menus on the iPhone application, making it easier for users to view what’s on offer and order. Reviews and feedback can also be integrated to help the service get better. To make things easier for the customers, business owners can also integrated a GPS based map of their restaurant/hotel on the app allowing users to get directions to the venue.
App users are able to view the offerings at the business to place an order for pickup. Business owners can integrate a photo album that features all the products with all the benefits etc. for easy viewing taking the overall customer experience higher. To help spread the word, social network integration can be used enabling users to share app activity online while also being able to provide feedback on the application’s Facebook timeline fan page.

Shopping Stores:
Having a Custom iPhone App Development for shopping stores can offer their products to their customers in a far better way than brick and mortar stores. Apps allow users to browse through product categories fairly easily, cutting down on long aisle switches. Push notifications can help users get updates about products of their interest. Wish lists integration helps users to add products to their “interest” lists which they wish to buy at a later stage.
There are numerous more industries that have developed custom business solutions for businesses and are satisfying a huge number of customers every day. To get more information or to request an iPhone apps development quote contact author Pairsocial now!

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