Saturday, April 18, 2009

CaptionTube - A caption editor for a You Tube V.D.O

The term You tube is one which gets the attention of almost every single individual. Do you want to insert your own made captions to your favorite You Tube video. CaptionTube may be the ultimate answer. Caption Tube, a Google App powered site makes it possible for you to insert captions of your desire to your preferred videos.

Are you thinking that you can add captions in just the English language. Well think again. Captions can be written in languages besides English as well.

Another thing that is interesting about this site is that not only it allows you to caption your uploaded videos, it allows you to upload any video and insert custom made captions into it.

If you want to export these captions, then it is done by exporting the captions as an XML file and can be imported to YouTube at a later stage.

The site has been developed by John Skidgel (hats off to you), a user experience designer at Google.

The benefit or the need for it can be better understood by a research from PLYMedia. According to that research, adding subtitles increases the probability of users watching a subtitled video by 40%..

Here is a summarized list of all the features

  • Offer viewers a transcript to read.
  • Improve discoverability and searching for sales and training videos.
  • Create and edit closed captions in multiple languages.
  • Export captions and upload them to your YouTube account.
  • Simple and secure sign in using your Google account.

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