Monday, April 20, 2009

Google Releases My Tracks Application...

Google, the search engine giants have released an application which goes by the name MY TRACKS” for Android based phones. The released application keeps and maintains a record of the various outdoor activities, utilizing the phone’s built-in GPS. My Tracks shows all the tracks on a map and presents live statistics of these activities.

But the feature which takes the spotlight among all the other features is that it lets you share your activities with friends, family members, infact the whole world by making use of the ever famous Google Maps.

What is the thing that makes this application a unique one? Unlike My Tracks, various GPS receivers require you to go through a lengthy process. You have to insert and plug a separate device into a computer, install the software, transfer, convert and then upload you track related data to the web.

With My Tracks, you no longer need to have multiple devices while going out on a ride and other outdoor activities. You can quite easily share your rides spontaneously with any one you desire. You just need to record and upload your track directly from your phone. You can share it via an Email or even you can use Twitter.

While recording tracks, you can:

  1. See location / progress on a map
  2. Monitor real-time statistics: time, distance, speed, elevation
  3. Create waypoints
  4. Create statistics waypoints (splits tracks into subtracks)

To share tracks, you can:

  1. Upload to Google Maps.
  2. Upload to Google Docs.
  3. Email as a Google My Map link.
  4. Embed Google Map on a website.
  5. Email as .gpx or .kml attachments.
  6. Export as .gpx or .kml to phone SD card.
  7. Tweet your My Map link on Twitter using Twidroid.

In short, My Tracks is an application that enables you to keep your loved ones up to date with your current location and activities while requiring minimum effort from your side.

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