Monday, May 25, 2009

Quadro FX 4800 for Mac...

The Quadro FX 4800 ultra-high-end solution is now available for the Mac Pro, giving architects, digital artists, medical scientists, and other professionals the right set of tools to deliver results that push the realms of visualization. With Boot Camp, users can experience the full features and accelerated performance of native Quadro 3D graphics when running professional Windows applications. Designed, tested, and built by NVIDIA for the Mac Pro, Quadro FX 4800 gives professionals the visual supercomputing power that they deserve from their desktops.

Every Mac Pro Deserves Pro Graphics
Large 1.5 GB graphics memory for real time processing of large datasets enabling increased interactivity and image quality.

Visual Supercomputing Right on your Workstation
Combine high-performance graphics and high-performance computation for analysis of complex, multivariate data.

Designed by NVIDIA- for Mac
Designed, tested, and built by NVIDIA to meet ultra high standards that Mac users expect.

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