Friday, July 3, 2009

Magnetic Cell Phone Holder...

Magnetic Cell Phone Holder
How many times have you gotten into your vehicle with your phone and when you are ready to get out, you have no idea where the phone is? Cell phones are so small, they can hide anywhere; they can slip in between the seats, under the seat, or into the door pocket. Your phone could even fall to the floor and find its way underneath your brake pedal; it may keep you from applying the brakes when you need them. How scary it that? And have you noticed that when you finally do find it, it’s in the place you thought you searched four times before? You have tried putting it in the cup holder, but it just does not sit well, and what do you do with it when you get a cup of coffee?

Well, there is a new must have item for you! The Magnetic Cell Phone Holder is a simple little product that will solve all those problems for you. It has a metal plate that goes on the cell phone and a powerful 7500 gauss magnet, which attaches to the dash of your vehicle. And it comes with two metal plates, which will allow you to change phones when you want or give one your partner.

Not only can you keep track of your phone, it is very handy while you are using your hands free speakerphone. Driving down the highway, speaking on your phone will be a little safer if your phone is in a cell phone holder.

If you are looking for a good gift for a person who has everything, this is a great idea. This is one of those products that you did not realize how much you needed, until you began to use it. It will quickly be one of those can’t do without products.

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