Thursday, August 27, 2009

Contact Picker in Gmail

Finally it is here. Google has brought Contact Picker to Gmail. If you are a hotmail user, you probably might be aware of the contact picker. Yes I am talking about the list that pops out once you click on the To section. Contact picker allows you to pick the from the list of contacts the intended recepients of the composed mail. Previously this feature was missing in Gmail. To add to your surprise, Contact Picker was available to use with Google Calendar and Google Docs. But anyhow the good news is that now it is available. Google explains the distinction of Contact Picker over the AutoPicker.

ere is how to use it:
  • When composing a message, click on To, select the contacts and you are on your way to sending the composed email to the intended people.


What are the other cool things that can be done with Contact Picker. A few smart things that you can do with it include:

  • Select contacts from one of your groups: just use the drop-down to choose from “Friends”, “Family”, “Coworkers” and other groups.
  • Easily remove the contacts you’ve picked by just clicking on them.
  • Manually add email addresses by clicking on an empty space from the picker’s “to” box.
  • If you’ve already typed some addresses in the “to” box, the contact picker will include them when it launches.
  • Add all the results of a search by clicking on “Select all”.
  • The feature also works for “cc” and “bcc”.

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