Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Facebook eases inviting friends to events

Facebook has made it a little bit easier to invite groups of friends to various events.

A new feature has been added in the Filter Friends tab which when creating a new event allows users to select invitee lists who they previously invited to recent events.

When it comes to organizing or scheduling events of a large magnitude and inviting a specialized group to the event, it can prove to be quite a hassle , and previously, the only way to invite a group was to create a dedicated friend list. With this new feature, it’s easy to schedule recurring events with the same group of Facebook friends without having to choose the entire invite list one person at a time.

The newly added feature allows you to pull in a list of people from any current or recent event you’ve created. This feature proves to be extremely useful in cases where the group you’d like to invite doesn’t necessarily fall under an existing network.

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