Thursday, August 20, 2009

Minis – a potential appstore for PSP

Do you own a PSP and want to get an appstore for your portable game device?. Well you just got lucky. Enter Minis which happens to be a new section for PlayStation store that will provide all the latest and newest downloadable titles for PSP.

1st October 2009 is the date on which Minis will go live on PlayStation Store. On the very same day, PSPgo will be launched as well. Minis will come with a size limitation of 100 MB just to ensure that they can be downloaded easily and quickly onto your PSP.

Initially only 15 games will be available. These games will belong to a variety of genres that includes:

  • arcade style games
  • racers games
  • parlour games and many more.

Developers and Gaming studios seem to have a liking for what Minis is offering. Famous game publishers such as Electronic Arts,GameShasta and others are working on developing games for this platform. It is expected that 50 games will be available by the end of the year.Zeno Colaco, Vice President,Publisher and Developer Relations, SCEE said:

"We are very excited to offer so much new content for PSP this year, particularly in this bite-sized form,” In opening the door to developers everywhere, we are broadening the type of content available to PSP owners, and opening up a world of possibilities to enhance the PSP gaming experience."

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