Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nokia N86

Since cell phones first came out, Nokia has been on the leading edge of the newest technology innovations.

The N86 isn’t the highest resolution camera phone out there but it is still far better than others. But unless you want to print your photos in sizes larger than A4, the resolution the N86 offers is more than enough.

This phone has got a pretty defined and classy look, and successfully manages to avoid looking too plastic. A two-way slider(just as of Nokia N95), the phone allows users to access its various features and functions easily.

With Carl Zeiss optics, the N86 features a wide-angle lens. This is a good choice, as most people using their camera phones are likely to capture portraits of friends and other people shots, versus images of landscapes and such.

In camera mode, the Nokia offers users several scene modes (automatic, user defined, close-up, portrait, landscape, sport and night), as well as capture modes (still, sequence, self-timer, video and panorama).

With a dedicated camera button, taking pictures is easy, but tweaking camera setting might take a little getting used to.

The N86 offers GPS features. The feature also geo-tags your shots, so you will know where you snapped them.

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