Friday, September 25, 2009

Google Mobile Application for Windows Mobile with new fatures

The new features or additions to Google Mobile App for Windows Mobile phone include the following:

My Location

  • With this feature, you are no longer required to provide your location when you want to confine your search to local results. For example, let’s say you reside in NewYork and you want to search for the local Apple Store, you only need to write Apple Store in your search query and the search results will bring local results as well as the worldwide results. The moment you see a blue colored dot labeled “My Location” followed by your current location, that’s an indication that the My Location feature is active.
  • Stores your most recent location so that future searches can utilize this useful information

My Location takes your privacy seriously

  • The location is encrypted when sent to the server.

Disable My Location feature

  • You can always disable the new My Location feature using the Advanced Options screen

Google Suggest

  • Suggestion feature comes to Google Mobile App for Windows Mobile. This feature provides URL suggestions (e.g. search for Facebook) as well as normal textual suggestions which help you complete our queries and save your valuable time.


Search with Maps

  • How would you feel if Google gives you the option to search inside Google Maps. Well Google has done just that, you just need to have Google Maps installed onto your Windows Mobile phone. To use this smart feature, type your local query and wait for suggestions. Once the suggestions appear, select the suggestion with the red pin symbol to start your search insideGoogle Maps.


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