Wednesday, September 30, 2009

palm webOS 1.2.0

webOS 1.2.0 Issues

Improper IM/SMS message notification

  • IM as well as SMS message notification is not working the way it should. Once a notification comes up, only user’s picture as well as the message icon appears and there is no sign of the received text.

Google Location services points inaccurately

  • The location to which Google location service points happens to be 10 miles away from the actual target

Repeating Email error messages

  • Not once, not twice but quite frequently the same email messages keep turning up

WiFi HotSync does not function

  • The classic WiFi HotSync is not functioning. Who knows when it will start working properly.

Inconsistent Web Browsing

  • Once you start enjoying the browsing session, for no apparent reason, web browsing freezes.

Inconsistent phone charging via USB

  • Once you put your phone for charging, USB phone charging stops in the middle. That’s really annoying.

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