Friday, September 11, 2009

UBL brings UBL Wiz Prepaid Debit Card – An alternative for PayPal

In Pakistan making e-payments has always been a problem because of the unavailability of PayPal. So for making e-payments, the only legal way is to do it through credit cards which are not affordable for many reasons such as large security deposits and service charges.


However, with the introduction of WIZ card by UBL, this problem is no more as the tag line reads ” Cash Do Card Lo“. Yes! it as simple as paying a card fee(Rs.120) and deposit money and you can get your WIZ card from selected UBL branches without even needing a bank account. This by far is the best pre-paid debit card which functions as a credit card for online payments. To enhance convenience, UBLoffers the facility to deposit money from any of the UBL branches in your WIZ card.

At the moment, UBL WIZ card is available in three types which are:

  • Travelers
  • Ladies
  • Teens

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