Saturday, October 17, 2009

iPhone app for Wolfram API coming soon

This API would allow developers to access and forward queries to the Wolfram engine and in return incorporate the retrieved results, calculations into their own app.

This was announced by 
Wolfram|Alpha in its blog post. Normally you would expect an example of how to use the API in such posts. Well that is not the case with this API. The company just posted about the release of the new API without quoting any examples.

There is good news for iPhone fans as well. The very same API is being used to develop an iPhone app, as informed by a Wolframspokesperson.

Wolfram|Alpha API comes at a cost

Did you thought that access to the API will be free. Well unfortunately it is not. It comes with a cost. The cost varies depending on the volume as well as the intended use.

The cheapest plan will cost you a one-time $60 plus $0.08 for each additional request, The lowest cost plan provides 1,000 API lookups. Monthly plans are also available and they range from $2,000 for 25,000 requests up to $220,000 for 10 million requests.

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