Friday, October 9, 2009

Nissan Land Glider

Nissan-Nissan Land-Glider

Apparently, Nissan is making more cars than those EPORO robot carsthat we reported on a while ago.

In this case, this is a concept car that a person could actually ride in. In fact, two people could ride in it, as long as the passenger doesn’t mind sitting in the back seat.

The Land Glider is very ultra light, and ultra thin. In fact, it looks like it could take up only half a normal lane. Of course what really makes the Nissan Land Glider awesome looking is that it leans when it turns.

Yes, it leans. In short, Nissan realized that motorcyles, with their cool leaning while they turn, could easily be used on cars. By the way, this Land Glider is totally electrical, and it is a Smart Car.

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