Thursday, October 8, 2009

Windows Mobile 6.5

Windows Mobile 6.5 features

Today Screen

Windows Mobile 6.5 brings a touch based navigation system forToday’s screen. Still Today Screen lacks the speed dial feature that enables you to call your special contacts pretty quickly. Even though there is a contact link at the bottom of the Today Screen but it is just not the same.

WM 65 Today Screen

Start Screen

This is my favorite. Start Menu screen has been revamped totally and it looks cool to say the least. Gone are the days for a drop down based start menu. Start Screen now supports touch screen and is filled with icons. The good thing about these icons is that they can be customized through themes and backgrounds.

You might remember that drop down based Start screen in Windows Mobile 6.1 was limited in size but that is not a limitation anymore since the new Start Screen supports the much awaited scrolling feature enabling you to install as much as apps as you want without having to worry to access them via the Start Screen.Icons have a better appeal, look and feel

WM 65 Start Menu

Designer Themes

Windows Mobile 6.5 comes installed with a number of cool themes designed by world class designers. You can always go to theWindows Marketplace to get even more themes

Internet Explorer Mobile 6

Windows Mobile 6.5 brings Internet Explorer Mobile 6 whose design is similar to that of Opera. Also Adobe Flash Lite has been brought toWindows Mobile 6.5 with the vision of accessing flash based content. AJAX support has been included as well.

Social Networking

Microsoft would have have been foolish if they did not include social network features into their Mobile OS. Windows Mobile 6.5 comes equipped with Facebook and MySpace App. Also it includes other apps

WM6.5Pure Apps

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