Saturday, November 14, 2009

Motorola i9 with ModeShift Morphing


It’s been a while since we talked about the Motorola Stature i9, the “thinnest iDEN Push-to-Talk flip ever”. Granted, it is a slim 15 mm thick, but you can’t sell a cell on thinness these days.

I had a chance to try it out for myself, and one of the features that I found very amazing is the ModeShift Morphing technology. You know how most clamshell phones have that secondary screen that does nothing more than just show the time and what the camera can see for self-portrait shots? The i9 really fulfills the potential of the Secondary Screen.

In fact, I had more fun accessing the features of the camera when it was closed than when it was open. All I had to do was push the menu button on the side, and I could access the main menu which included the Media player, 3.1 MP Camera, and Camcorder. The secondary screen had this odd frame with light up buttons that included haptic feedback for navigation. In short, the ModeShift Morphing allows the i9 to become a PMP when it is shut.

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