Saturday, November 28, 2009

New Docking Station by zenmo

Many people would love to have all the power and flexibility that a desktop PC can provide on a notebook or even netbook platform that is light enough to tote around, but current technology still cannot offer that to the masses as desktop replacement notebooks are more often than not way too heavy to lug around on a conference floor (CES attendees ought to know that), while netbooks are too casual for serious on-the-go working moments. A middle ground comes in the form of a notebook docking station which, while it won’t be able to offer all the characteristics of a powerful desktop, it is capable of addressing the connectivity options of a notebook by expanding it with a fair number of additional ports while helping keep your notebook running nice and cool. Enter the DeskBook Pro Docking Station from Zenmo which we’ll look at in further detail right after the jump.

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