Monday, May 16, 2011

Browsers War : Complete DNA report of major internet browsers

Surfing the internet on a personal computer used to mean becoming a Microsoft customer in the vast majority of cases, But the company`s dominance looks to be nearing the end.Lets have a look at different browser`s highlights.

 Mozilla Firefox:
Pros: Easy to user,secure,can be customized to do all you could want.
Cons: Can suck up memory;may slow down computer.

Rate: 9/10

Google Chrome:
Pros: Clean and simple design. Takes a lot to crash.
Cons: May be too simple,effectively hiding some features, such as bookmarks to web pages.

Rate: 8/10

Apple Safari:
Pros: Many tests name it the fastest browser.Slick and stylish.
Cons: If you don`t like Apple design, you won`t like it.Little chance to customize

Rate: 7/10

Internet Explorer:
Pros: Simple and familiar,web pages are often design with IE in mind.
Cons: Some security flaws.Viruses are built with it in mind.

Rate: 6/10

Pros: Good for slow connection.
Cons: Web developers don`t have it in mind, so web pages often look garbled and don`t work correctly.

Rate: 6/10

If windows remain popular,then Microsoft might keep a third or a quarter of the market for browsers,but it`s not going to enjoy the days of 80 or 90 percent of the market as it has in the past.If Microsoft wants to change this,they should build a better browser.

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