Sunday, May 15, 2011

Microblogging - A New Stream in Social Networking and Technology

In the past years, micro blogging has gained immense popularity.Let`s have a look why micro blogging is now become preferred mode of communication and overcome instant messaging,emails.

Micro blogging is short and easy to understand,It`s like micro form of blogs and e-mails content.You need to paste your thought in 140 characters via your cell phone, email,web,instant messenger etc.This whole process takes much lesser time then writing a complete blog.
Nowadays,micro blogging technology is hot cake among all generations.It`s interesting how people change opinions on social media sites like facebook and twitter.I remember having a chat with my colleague,a year back when he dismissed Twitter as a waste of time and considered Facebook as another dating website.But now micro blogging websites have gained popularity and trust of customers.Dozens of micro blogging sites mushroomed over the past few years which serve as communication tools to the web 2.0 repertoire. Lets have a look at the few of the popular ones.We reported @ i phone news, Facebook and twitter have more traffic then google.
The leading micro blogging website is of course Twitter.Once account has been created,you can publish micro-contents using web browsers,cell phones or email clients.You can easily follow your favorite personality such as artists,athletes,bands,politicians etc and become fan of them,or keeping track of their insights on regular basis.
Digg launched Pownce some time back which was an instant hit.Pownce provides functionality for file sharing,events and links.The site named Tumblr is very simple to use,and you can also publish your photos and videos from cell phones and ipads.You share your love and hate with everybody even if you are not the wordy of kind.Another interesting things you must know about micro blogging is "I Rate My Day" widget.Rather than publishing several activities of your daily life,you can rate your day on a scale of worst to great.You can also provide explanations of your rating.If you are emotionally upset,then emoticons widget is good option for you.If you experiencing happy day in your life,then rate it at the highest possible rating,which is 10.Many micro blogs allow short comment on person-to-person level,publish news about company`s products and services,or offer event`s logs of ones life.Surely micro blogging trend is explode in 2011 and upcoming years.Twitter will lead the field.Though it can be used effectively on numerous occasions, but it can be a great waste of time if you are not careful.

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