Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Intel High End Desktop System 2011 Review

In 2011, we will have the next generation of intel`s 32 nm products,so i would like to share that product review in i phone news.

After Westmere,which have the umbrella codename of Sandy Bridge.It`s likely that they will include mainstream six-core CPU`s,and possibly a 4GHz eight-core high-end desktop CPU.The company is also on track to produce its first 22nm CPU`s by the end of 2011, which could mean that even more components are integrated into the CPU,maybe even adding a cluster of basic x86 cores for graphics such as those found in Larrabee.
Integrated graphics are not expected to play games at high resolutions, but a proper GPU,even if it only has a comparably low number of stream processors, could offer a big speed boost in apps optimized for GPGPU computing.By this time,OpenCL and Microsoft`s DirectX Computer API will have been doing the rounds for a year or so,so by 2011 we expect GPGPU computing to be more widely used in mainstream apps.
2011 is also when Seagate`s senior engineering manager for Northern Europe technical support "Liam Rainford" predicts that the hard drive business is likely to swithc from 512 byte to 4KB sectors,which means hard drives will have to access fewer sectors in order to access bigger files,possibly resulting in faster speeds and less noise.
Hard disk will also be growing in capacity thanks to a series of new technologies,such as discrete track recording."
Interestingly,by 2011 Rainford also sees 2.5in hard drives becoming standard in desktop PCs;not only because they are small,but because their tiny platters require few revolutions per minute to achieve similar data transfer rates.By this time,2.5in drives will likely have hit the 1TB mark,so capacity won`t be so much of an issue.
High-end desktop specification:
4GHz eight-core Sandy Bridge CPU.
Next-generation ATI or Nvidia GPU, or intel Larrabee.
24 GB triple channel DDRIII memory.
4TB 3.5in hard drive.
320GB SSD.
Tower chasis.
By 2011, Intel`s grip on the laptop CPU business may have loosend, particularly when it comes to netbooks. We are already starting to see netbooks with ARM Processors, courtesy of Nvidia`s Tegra platform,and the announcement of ARM support in Google`s new chrome OS will give the Wintel duopoly further cause for concern.

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