Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Intel join hands with Toshiba to Launch Social Movie "Insider"

Intel and Toshiba Inside Movie
After Facebook fame "The social network",here`s another news:
Intel and Toshiba join hands together for making of social movie "Insider" Directed by Disturbia fame "DJ Caruso".
Main lead by Emmy rossum, played role of teen age girl "Christina" who some how trapped in a room with only Toshiba satellite P775 series laptop powered with 2nd generation sandy bridge intel core i 7 processor and just equipped with unknown internet connectivity.She doesn`t know where she is and how far she will go?Christina uses Toshiba satellite laptop for reaching her social network, friends and family who guide her how to escape. Interesting thing, you might have a golden chance to cast through youtube online casting call, and competition runs till July 20th. The winning video will be embedded in movie and winner name will be included in the credits. Johan Jervoe(VP Creative services and Digital marketing of Intel Corporation) stated:

“As the ‘Sponsors of Tomorrow’ we are excited to expand the entertainment computing experience of today by bringing the worlds of social media and entertainment together, we will give the viewer the ability to have an active voice and play a participating role, something that has never been done before with traditional film. It’s exciting for viewers/participants to have the opportunity of being cast alongside talent like Emmy Rossum, D.J. Caruso and Mauro Fiore.”
It seems like tech giants using digital media and Hollywood to capture more audiences and customers. and who knows Google will be the next sponsor of complete movie.

Click to see Official Inside Movie Trailer

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