Friday, July 15, 2011

What you dont know about iPhone 4 Design?

It`s innovative,attractive,and ahead of its competition.In comparison, previous iPhone upgrades seem inconsequential and that`s how much iPhone 4 brings to the table. iPhone 4 design features after the break.
Announced by Apple CEO Steve jobs at 2010 worldwide developers conference,the iPhone 4 is the latest handset from Apple which features a high resolution display,a faster processor, and video calling,but it also sports unexpected additions like a new antenna and a gyroscope.The profile is thinner with a new front-facing camera.The iPhone 4 also serves as the debut device for the newly names iOS4 operating system,which brings such much-needed features as multitasking,a unified email inbox and app folders for the home screen.
On the whole,iPhone 4 has cellphone enthusiasts more excited than they were last year when the iPhone 3GS was born.The new features,particularly those in the new operaing systems,are long overdue and we welcome any efforts to improve call quality(remember that it is a phone,after all:)).We recently discussed alot about i Phone news but we won`t discuss yet about iPhone 4 design, lets take a deep look.
iPhone 4 Design

The new iPhone`s design is a sharp departure from the previous iPhone models.Glassy touch screen with front-facing camera,volume controls,2 noise resistance microphones,and last but not least for photographers,2 LED flash lens camera.Micro-Sim format also equipped as same in iPad.
On the other side,the flat back side means that the iPhone will no longer wobble when it`s resing on a table.Also,even though the overall effect is a tad boxy,the handset has a clean and unmistakebly Apple look.At 9.33mm,the iPhone 4 also is thinner than its predecessors.Steve jobs called it the thinnest smartphone around,but since that race changes daily,it may not hold the title for long.
The camera flash is a win and the front-facing camera can be used for self-portraits in addition to the new FaceTime feature.That said,there are a couple of concerns with the new design,It`s clear that Apple is pushing the Micro-Sim format.On a superfacial level,it saves plastic,but a Micro-SIM doesn`t offer any functional benefits over the standard Sim.Is apple starting a new format war or is this merely a barrier(not a very high one) to iPhone jailbreakers?We`ll have to wait and see the anwer,but in the meantime we hope that you`ll be able to use the same Micro-SIM between on an iPhone 4 and an iPad 3G.

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