Saturday, April 18, 2009

Motorola has announced MOTOROKR W6 music phone

Motorola has announced the MOTOROKR W6, a clamshell phone for sports, fitness and music fans, the phone is currently launched in Mexico. The MOTOROKR W6 allows you to create and maintain a fitness training plan with an onboard stopwatch, a database of aerobic sequences and calories burned, and gives users the ability to export the data as Excel spreadsheets.

With the MOTOROKR W6, you will be able to store the duration of your aerobic sequences and the number of burned calories, plus exporting that info in Excel format so that you can keep a close look at your progress.

The fitness software was created by a team of researchers and developers in Latin America, where the device has been and continues to be introduced. It first launched in Peru last October.

The MOTOROKR W6 includes an great music experience with a dedicated button for playing songs, and features MOTOID, a service which allows users to easily identify songs.

You can listen to music with wireless stereo headsets via help of Bluetooth A2DP connectivity. This cell phone also includes a 1.3 megapixel camera with digital zoom, 20MB of internal memory to store pictures, and support for external microSD cards.

Currently, Moto has not provided information about the price of the W6, but users in Mexico will be the first to get it, probably followed by those around the world.

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