Sunday, April 19, 2009

Windows 7 not likely to contain Ultimate Extras...

Microsoft has decided to discontinue Ultimate Extras and will not provide it with Ultimate version of Windows 7 . Ultimate Extras which was introduced with Vista is set to end with Vista.
Since the launch of Windows Vista, Ultimate Extras has brought nothing but embarrassment for the software giants. Even though Microsoft accepted the fact of Ultimate Extras not being up to the mark and apologized for it. Even it made some improvements to it. Still Microsoft was not delivering as per promised.
Majority of the users claim that they chose and went on with Vista Ultimate not because of the presence of Ultimate Extras. Microsoft is hoping that users will make the same decision when going for Windows 7 Ultimate, as it will not be cotain Ultimate Extras.
Windows 7 Ultimate is not intended to be sold at retail, instead it is targeted to be on sale during some promotional periods. Rumor says that Ultimate flavor of Windows 7 is expected to be $80 cheaper than Vista Ultimate, going for an amount of $320. What remains to be seen is how PC makers offer it, but it is highly likely to be an option in their more powerful and advanced models.

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