Friday, April 24, 2009

WordPress enables support for posting a reply comment via email...

WordPress yesterday made an announcement on their blog which many bloggers were waiting for. This announcement is certainly going to please each and every WordPress blog owner. According to that announcement, now blog owners can reply to comments regarding their post via email.

To use this feature, blog owners are required to make a couple of configuration changes which are very simple. Once done with these configurations, bloggers can reply to comments using their preferred email address and save the effort of replying via the WordPress admin interface.

The two changes are as follows:

  1. Please make sure that email notifications for comments are turned on.
  2. Select the Enable sending comment replies via email option.

These settings can be fine tuned under Settings->Discussion page.

Next time, you receive an email regarding a comment made related to your post, you just need to click reply, after which a special WordPress email address will be generated and show itself in the Sender line thus matching your reply to the proper comment thread. Just send it and your comment will appear onto your blog in seconds.

This is one news that me and my blogging team will be pleased to hear as will many of you blog owners

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