Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Acer laptop with a 3D screen...

Acer has the intention of using and taking advantage of the 3D technology that is being used by television shows and movies right now. The company is planning to launch a laptop computer next winter; and that laptop will feature a 15.6-inch 3D screen.
The new computer will also have built-in software that will allow to watch 3D movies in a correct manner and, in addition, it will be able to convert a 2D movie into the 3D format. That was confirmed by Campbell Kan in a Taiwanese magazine called Digitimes.Kan is the vice president of Acer’s mobile computing business unit. However, the company spokesmen in United States have not said anything about this laptop or about Kan’s words.
If this is true, Acer would not be the first company to offer a laptop with 3D capabilities anyway. In 2003, Sharp launched its Actius RD3D laptop with nearly identical 3-D rendering capabilities.
The Actius RD3D was targeted mainly at car designers, architects and biotechnology researchers. But even with that very limited target group, it was not well-accepted by its potential users and later Sharp decided to abort the production of the computer.

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