Sunday, June 14, 2009

This Immersive Virtual Reality Cocoon Has A 360 Degree Display...

NAU is currently working on the next generation state of the art interface. The immersive cocoon is a human-sized dome with 360 degree display on its interior, allowing you to reach out and ‘grab’ information from all around you, just like some scene in Minority Report.It has a 3D motion tracking system which senses arm, hand and leg movements using a series of motion tracking cameras inside the Cocoon. Monitoring your movements using this system allows you to “fight in a Kung Fu game or swim through a sea of jellyfish, with the display responding in real time and surround vision.

It opens a new door for complex multiplayer online games where you get to fight off enemies who approach from all directions, or even virtual museums or gyms. NAU hopes to complete its prototype Cocoon by October 2009, with models commercially available by 2014.

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