Friday, August 28, 2009

Google search swaps Yahoo in UK

Google search has incredibly swapped Yahoo’s web search engine in UK development for natural and sponsored results on BT Yahoo, the online portal for BT Broadband users that is run by Yahoo.

The co-branded BT Yahoo service was initially launched in Sept 2003 and provided a wide-range of Y! services to BT Broadband users, including search. The new service will continue to provide Yahoo services such as email, but the Y! search engine has now been replaced by Google’s.

Google and Yahoo in 2008, also agreed for a deal in the US to replace Yahoo sponsored listings with Google’s higher value listings, but the deal was unfortunately not succeeded and ran into the Justice Department issues. However this amazing development definitely leads in replacing not only Yahoo sponsored results, but the whole Yahoo web search engine i.e. natural results with Google’s. However the image and video results still seem to be coming from Yahoo.

The deal accelerated the market share of BT. Contrasting in the US where Microsoft and Yahoo have respectable shares of the search market. The situation in the UK is very different with Google totally dominating the UK search market with over 90% of the market.

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