Thursday, August 20, 2009

official wikipedia IPHONE application

Wikimedia the non profit organization behind Wikipedia has released the first ever official iPhone App for Wikipedia. That is the only good thing to talk about this in reality. It is available for free in the App store. The official app provides user access to iPhone formatted Wikipedia articles. Just now I said that it is not a cool app if you ask me. The reason being if you use it you will feel as if you are using the mobile version of the Wikipedia site. It wouldn’t be wrong if one consider’s this app as a wrapper for the mobile version of Wikipedia.

There are other Wikipedia apps out that out perform this official app quite easily. Wapedia, Wikiamo and Wikipanion just happen to be few among many that offer Wikipedia like functionality. For example, other apps come equipped with features that allows you to save posts for offline reading, in-page searching, browsing table of contents for apps. Does Wikipedia offer any of these features I just mentioned, Sadly no.

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