Monday, August 24, 2009

Video chat in iGoogle

Previously iGoogle provided features such as chatting with your friends along with reading news, emailing your business and family contacts, viewing a few funny pics and so on. Well Google has added a new dimension to iGoogle.

Enter video chat for iGoogle. Google has brought face-to-face chat in the form of video chat to iGoogle homepage.

Here is what you need to initiate a video chat with your friend:

1. Open the actions menu which appears at the bottom of a chat window
2. Click on the “Start video chat” link

A small green camera icon will appear next to the name of your contacts on chatlist which indicates that they are set up for a video chat.

While chatting you may make the chat window size bigger or even switch to the full screen mode.

One point where the video chat is different from the video chat in Gmail is that there is no need for your contacts to have a Gmail account, Google account will do just fine.

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