Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Alien monster usb flash drive

aliens movie usb flash drive

Many of us have grown up on the Alien series of movies and love the Alien monster with its terrifying looks no matter which way we get it, and this USB Flash Drive is such a cool gadget that I want to break out the films again and lose some sleep.

cool usb flash drive alien

Carved from wood and including gruesome Alien fangs, this Alien flash drive is a wonderful way to show you are a fan of the films and are not affraid of the wet, shiny and freaky Aliens. Better yet, have them on your side since they come in a 4GB USB drive that even resembles the fearless Alien itself and the sickening jaw with its deadly procedure.

The actual USB stick pops out with a push of a button, so just like in the movies, it resembles the deadly mouth but all hi-techy.

It is available for approximately $155,

new usb flash drive aliens

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