Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Facebook in Android market

Official Facebook application was launching last month, but it never appeared. But today, it quietly rolled out to the Android Market.Android users can finally download version 1.0 of Facebook for Android.

App is pretty nice. Facebook Android app does a good job at what Android does well. It alerts you to new comments on the Android notification drop-down window. It also allows you to click on a link from a browser and send it to your Facebook page. Pictures are also easily uploaded.

The widget is big, but it allows you to see the most recent status updates and place a call without loading the heftier version. It’s light on features—but the team promises more in future generations.

Have a look at these screenshots..


The login screen


What I like about app’s interface is the share button, its quite nice. Secondly its quite good, while just talking about interface.




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