Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Facebook registers a 5 percent growth in U.S


Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL are the sites that stand aboveFacebook. Also you might be interested to know that Microsoft,Yahoo, Google and AOL have more than 100 million users.

Facebook as an ad network was viewed by 46.7% of the whole US Internet population. in this the month of August.

Not so good month if you see it from MySpace and Twitter’s perspective. MySpace’s monthly active users count dropped from 80.9 million monthly users in July to 77.5 million in August. Twitterhad 21.2 million visitors in July but that dropped to 20.8 million for the month of August.

Did you think that the post would be complete without informing you guys how Apple is performing. So here it is, Apple ranks 11th in this list not bad ain’t it.

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