Sunday, September 27, 2009

A worm attacks Facebook

How does the worm spread on Facebook

Using the Facebook Wall, the worm posts a message which contains you a link that supposedly contains a rather funny picture of yours. The text which the worm uses is:


What to do if you see this message

Once you see this message (shown above), I hope you don’t, but if you do

  • Make sure that you do not click on it. Because it’s a malware and who knows what kind of damage it may inflict onto your computer.
  • Immediately delete the message so that your other Facebook friends may not accidentally click on the malware link
  • You may even write a warning suggesting your friends to avoid clicking on this link

What if the worm has attacked you

If the worm got the best of you and attacked your Facebook account, you must immediately

  • Change the password immediately

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