Sunday, September 27, 2009

MotionX-GPS Drive – iPhone navigation app powered by Bing Maps

MotionX – GPS Drive Navigational Features

Since this is an app released to fulfill your navigational purposes, it is bound to have navigational features. So the cool navigational features are:

Driving Directions

Need driving directions to reach your destination. Well MotionX app provides full step-by-step driving directions to navigate you to your destination.

Walking Directions

Need directions while walking. If that’s the case you should use the walking directions feature to find your way.

Familiar Search

Want to go to a new place which you recently heard of but you don’t know the exact location. Dont worry, just type and search. With the advanced MotionX Find-N-Go™ technology, you can Find anything, anywhere and then just follow the directions.

Optimized Compass

At Any time you can know where your destination is, even if you parked your car a few blocks away, MotionX will take you right there. If you don’t have a 3GS yet, the compass also works with GPS motion sensing on the iPhone 3G.

Address Book Integration

This cool app becomes integrated with your iPhone address book which helps it quickly and easily detect and reference navigation to friends

iPod Integration

Did you think that this app becomes integrated with the iPhoneAddress book only. Well think again. It also supports integration withiPod thus allowing you to access playlists and listen to your music, audiobooks, and podcasts while using MotionX.

Phone Integration

Gone are the days where you had to quit your app in order to make a call. Now you can make a phone call directly from search results.

Are you getting restless and want to get your hands on this killeriPhone navigation app. Well no one is stopping you. Just go ahead and get your hands on this slick app.


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