Thursday, December 10, 2009

If you are american,then polished your hand with Nokia E72

How do you define a holiday? Let’s have a show of hands here – how many of you out there actually check out your emails even though you’re supposed to be on vacation either alone or with your family? Guess we’re all guilty of it some point or another, as the pressures of work do remain at the back of our heads most of the time wherever we are. Of course, instead of toting around your notebook or even a super light netbook while you’re on your travels, how about trying out something which is far more portable, while being able to dial 911 during an emergency? That is possible with a smartphone, and the latest model to arrive on US shores would be the Nokia E72. Craig Coffey, Vice President, Marketing, at Nokia, put it very succintly, “This year, time off doesn’t necessarily mean logging off for most of us over the holidays. The Nokia E72 is an ideal gift for those who want to stay connected year round. With industry-leading messaging functionality, separate home screen profiles for work and personal time, and powerful multimedia capabilities, this sleek smartphone takes the hassle out of connecting and responding to obligations that don’t stop for the holidays.”

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