Monday, December 21, 2009

Need more space???Used Picture Table


Some of you might remember the classic Seinfeldepisode where Kramer makes a coffee table book about coffee tables, a book with four fold-out legs that can, in fact, become a coffee table.

It would appear that someone has taken a similar idea by taking an ordinary kitchen table and allowing it to fold up so it can become a poster. You will note how the legs neatly and conveniently fold into the frame, just like Kramer’s unpublished coffee table book.

If you have to ask why someone would have a Picture Table, then you clearly have too much money. For those of us that can only afford to live in very small living places, space is valuable, and often not around when it is needed. Having some free space in the kitchen when the kitchen table is not being used would come in handy at my place for sure.

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