Monday, December 21, 2009

Win7 : Windows 7(UI),,,its lucky 7

Windows 7 sensation is running wild and high among the masses and has captured a lot of attention and users for all the right reasons. It’s one thing having a Windows 7 running on your PC. But what if you want to give your Symbian phone a Windows 7 look and feel. Well, no need to search here and there. We have got the answer for you. Yes, you can give your Symbian Mobile a Windows 7 like appearance. Thanks to Win7 UI developed by MMMOOO. You can have it if you own a S60 v5 or S60 v3 device and are willing to pay $4.99 for it. It is pretty useful since not only it brings an appearance similar to Microsoft’s latest OS. It also boasts of a fully functional widgets and dynamically changing wallpapers.

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