Friday, June 19, 2009

Apple will market its new iPhone 3G S starting June 19(TODAY)...

Steve Jobs was not present but there was much expectation until the last minute. Apple executives Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall had called a meeting with the media. The meeting was supposed to talk about software development but the Apple representatives ended up revealing some technological novelties of the company. Among them, and maybe the most important, the arrival of the third-generation iPhone. And, as usual, they made the announcement when all the Apple stores around the world had their doors closed.

The third-generation iPhone, a new version of the smartphone that revolutionized the mobile Internet industry, is now called iPhone 3G S. It will be available for sale in United States and other selected countries (such as Spain) starting June 19. Its price will oscillate between US$ 199 (143 Euros) for the 16GB model and US$ 299 (215 Euros) for the 32GB model. The price of the current iPhone, which is called iPhone 3G, will be also modified; for example: the iPhone 3G with 8GB Memory will cost US$ 99 (71 Euros).

The “S” at the end of the name (3G S) suggests a speed improvement (S for speed) coming with the new version that has the same design and a “greener” battery with a longer lifetime. The deficient 2-megapixel camera is now replaced by a better camera with auto-focus, auto-exposure and “tap to focus” (you can tap an item in the photo to focus on it); besides, the camera is able to record video (with audio) at 30 frames/second, which is a great novelty. A voice control feature offers hands free operation. Other features include digital compass, data encryption, edition tools for your videos, and mercury-free LCD.

The improvements in the operating system for this smartphone are intended to satisfy the user’s needs and avoid the frequent complaints about the current models. Users will be able to use the iPhone 3G S as a modem in a computer.

In case you lose it, there is a service that shows the physical location where the smartphone is being held. This feature is especially attractive because it also allows users to delete their data by using a remote connection when they cannot recover their phones.

The new iPhone also supports commands such as “undo”, “copy” and paste”, which were strongly requested by some users of the other versions.

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