Monday, June 8, 2009

Samsung P400 Portable Projector...

Samsung P400 Portable Projector Image
Samsung, one of the world’s largest electronic companies, has recently released the ultra-small and ultra-lightweight P400 projector that features mobile technology and multimedia functions.

Despite its small size exterior (2.5×5.8×5.7 inches), and lightweight features—only 2 lbs, the gadget can fit comfortably the palm of the hand. The size and weight combination makes the P400 a highly portable device.

One of the most amazing features of the P400 is its LED light projector that can last for more than 20, 000 hours. And because the device uses a LED light source, the projector uses to least amount of energy while preventing over-heating.

Meanwhile, one of the most notable feature of this projector is its brightness that can reach up to 115 lumens or about 77 percent of its 150-lumen maximum output. It also has a very good contrast ration considering its small size.

Setting up the P400 is not a problem since it’s a plug and play device. Users will only have to setup the projector in a presentation screen or even a blank wall. The maximum image projection is about two meters wide, which is more or less 98 inches (13 feet away). However, the device has no zoom features so users may have to move the gadget back and forth in order to achieve the desired image size.

Other adjustments in the video quality and audio clarity may be done by “credit card-sized” remote control or the touch-sensitive control panels, which is built-in on top of the P400. However, the touch-screen control is a little let-down for the device since it is really difficult to come up with the desired specification. (This may be attributed to the lack of tactile feedback.)

Inside the box includes, VGA cable, a remote control, audio connector, and pretty much anything that is needed in a video presentation. An additional composite video connector and RCA phono jacks for high-quality stereo audio input is also included to the gadget.

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