Monday, June 8, 2009

Samsung i780 Smartphone...

Samsung i780 Smartphone Image

Samsung Corp., one of the world’s leaders in the digital technology, has recently unveiled the new Samsung i780 Smartphone which is specially designed for people in the corporate world.

The handset is equipped with the latest Windows Mobile 6 Professional platform which provides its users with high-speed data transfer. This feature gives users literally unlimited options to where their office should be. Whether surfing the internet or doing office functions, the Samsung i780 process data with ease. Users can send important E-mails through 3.5G data connection, service network providers, or WI-FI connectivity.

The Smartphone offers heavy internet users with ultra high-speed internet connection and faster downloads each time they use the WI-FI connectivity options. The device also allows corporate people to read their news while on the go using Podcasting and RSS Reader, which can be personalize depending on what the users want.

The Windows Office option can also be utilized by users efficiently using the QWERTY tactile keypads. Other connectivity options are the USB 2.0 port, and upgradeable MicroSD external memory slot. Although it has no TV-out, the device can connect to printers and other devices using Blutooth connection.

Another amazing features of the Samsung i780 is it 2.55-inch (262, 144) display interface with 320×320 resolutions, which is two times more powerful than what competitors offer in the market today.

The device also packs outstanding combination of photo and video recording using its 2.0 megapixel camera.

Meanwhile, the touch-screen feature goes best with the phone’s stylus, zooming and panning images and edits it anytime, anywhere. This phone also has an optical 360-degree joystick that provides corporate people with the necessary comfort while using one hand.

It also has the GPS capability with pin-point accuracy so users will never get lost to on the way to their destinations.

While on the move, users can also enjoy their music with its Media Player that can play almost any digital sound format in the market. The amazing thing about the music player is its 3D sound technology for music lovers.

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